2015/08/31~09/5 Warwick Bass Camp 2015

【Warwick Bass Camp 2015】
Meet & Greeting
@Warwick in Germany

Marknerkirchen where we were staying in Germany is so beautiful.
All the wonderful Instructors were so friendly and nice.
All of the students in my master class were German people.
Thank you everybody we had a great time and enjoyed it!!
The final day after Bass Camp Classes, there were so many famous musicians(more than 100 professional musicians) coming to join in Meet & Greets ceremony at the Reeve Land Music Festival. It was really amazing event !!

マルクネクーシュンという町でのベースキャンプに参加。楽しかったです。 著名なインストラクターの皆さんは、人間的にも素敵な人達ばかり。マスタークラスの生徒さん達も、良い感じのドイツ紳士でした。 Hans Peter Wilfer さん、皆さん、素晴らしい1週間をありがとう!